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We are a non-profit organization

that advocates for equitable funding for 

Home Education in Alberta.


The discrimination against

Home Education has gone on for too long!


Each registered Public ED Student is funded: $17,000~ 

Each registered Home ED Student is funded: $850~

This is greatly unequal, period. 


The Alberta Education budget discriminates against
Home Education

Alberta Home Education Students receive $850 per year for funding and Public School Students receive over $17,000 per year for funding (this only compares Grades 1-12 as Home Education Students do not receive any Preschool or Kindergarten funding) 

Home Education


Public Education

If you are asking yourself the following questions...

-Should I educate my children at home or should I send them to public school? 

-Which type of education produces the best results? 

Or if you simply want to compare the different choices of education, then check out this section of my blog. 

Public Education 

What is really going on behind the locked doors of the public school institution system?  What secrets are being kept from parents and the taxpayers who fund this system of child indoctrination?


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At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.

-Jane D. Hull 

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