I am Nadia, the director of HEFA 
Home Education Funding Alberta- a non-profit organization 

I grew up in the Alberta Public Education system and unfortunately have nothing but bullying and regrets to remember from it and sadly this is a very common experience among the majority of publicly educated people. 

I assumed that public education was the only way to be educated, until I met my husband.  He made me aware of home-education which is a much better way for children to be taught.  He was home-educated and as a result was able to start working full-time at 15 years old, since he was able to complete his studies either in the morning, or in the afternoon, depending on his work-shift schedule.  The flexibility of home-education is one of the biggest perks we have noticed so far, since our children can stay ahead of their studies and still have extra time to experience life with us as a family for day-outings or field-trips at almost a moments notice!  

Quality education is very important to the both of us as we have each completed our high-school diplomas and post-secondary education. And now as parents, we want the best for our children and their education, which, for us, is home-educating them. We began home-schooling our children at the ripe age of 2 years old and have seen continual outstanding progress

When I found out how immensely underfunded home-education is in Alberta I was greatly disappointed and disgusted. This needs to change! Especially now with the current COVID-19 pandemic, there are more and more parents who are beginning to home-educate their child(ren) to keep them healthy and safe. I created this non-profit organization to advocate for more funding for Albertan families to home-educate. For example, if a single parent of three children were to receive the same funding that the public-school system receives per child/per year ($17,000~) that would equate to approximately $50,000 the single parent would receive, per year, to teach their 3 children in the safety and comfort of their own home!  It is not hard to imagine that most parents would love such an opportunity to control what their child(ren) are learning, as well as adjusting the curriculum for each of them according to their own personal abilities, which, naturally, a parent knows better than any teacher.  And since the quality of public-education has been steadily declining over the decades, and the academic results of home-schoolers has steadily improved, it is clear to see that home-education is what is best for all children.

My motto is, more funding for home-education equals more choice for home-education.  

Please check out my website, subscribe to updates, and/or contact me if you would like to advocate for more funding for home-education in Alberta. And if you haven't already started home-schooling your child(ren), I strongly recommend you start TODAY and join the thousands of Albertans making the best choice for education,  HOME-EDUCATION.