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Can Homeschool Students Get a Diploma & Go to University?

Updated: Aug 2

YES, OF COURSE any Homeschool student in Alberta can complete their diploma.

Check out the following link for more information:


YES, OF COURSE any Homeschool student in Alberta can go to University or College.

In fact, most major universities prefer Homeschooled students over Public- schooled students because they have proven to have higher academic scores and are more mature; they have a better understanding of time management and are able to self-direct their studies. Whereas, Public-School students usually have difficulties in time management, and can hardly self-direct their studies due to the high influence of peer-orientation.

NOTE: in the Alberta curriculum there is a HUGE focus on group learning and group involvement which heavily pushes peer-orientation. So once these publicly educated students finish high school they go to university looking for group settings and more peer-orientation, not allowing them to focus their attention more on academics.

For more information please check out the following link:


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