COVID-19 and my honest opinion

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Written by: Nadia (Director of Home Education Funding Alberta)

As I continue to watch the situation of COVID-19 worsening via updates through Twitter and the News media, I am very worried for the safety of ALL children going back to school. And unfortunately it is not just the children who are at risk, it is their teachers and all of the staff working in the schools, as well as all of the children's parents and who ever they are in contact with (workplace, community, shopping, etc.)

This most recent and current spread of COVID-19 on August 13th 2020, especially in Edmonton-Alberta with 76 new cases and 3 new deaths, is bad enough but opening up the schools is going to only increase the spread of COVID-19 EXPONENTIALLY.

The children are not only going to be in school everyday but they will be in out-of-school care and extra curricular activities after school. If even just one child tests positive with COVID-19 everywhere they go and everyone they will come into contact with will potentially be at risk of infection without even knowing it.

For example: their school friends, the teachers, custodial staff, administrative staff, school bus drivers, their parents, their parents' workplace and coworkers, sports teams and coaches, private tutors, music teachers, and the ripple effect continues.

NOTE: Remember the worst thing about COVID-19 is that someone who tests positive with it can be carrying it for up to 2 weeks without showing any symptoms of it at all....

Our non-profit organization, Home Education Funding Alberta, has been advocating for more funding for Home Education in Alberta since the beginning of July 2020. Why? Because we saw a need and decided to do something. We have started a petition and have reached out to the home school community in Alberta and have been in contact with the UCP government but unfortunately they have declined any increase in Home Education funding in Alberta right now. We understand why they have done this and it is unfortunately a political move that needed to be done because of the heavy push back that they would receive from the ATA (Alberta Teachers Association), the SOS (Support our Students-for Public Ed), and the NDP government. The ATA, SOS, and NDP are very much like bullies, they whine and shout, and push and shove, to get their way.

However, this does not mean that we are going to back down and quit. We are STILL advocating for more money for Home Education in Alberta. But it is not just about getting more money for Home Education, it is about the FREEDOM, the EQUALITY of choice in Education, and the SAFETY of ALL Albertan children.

To be Home Educated is to be free, free from the prison-system of public/private education and free from the bullying, peer-pressures, drug abuse, teen-pregnancy and abortion, sexual and physical assault, and all other vices in public/private schools. (Look at my Public Education Exposed Blog section for more information about the violence in schools)

To have an equal choice in Education means to raise the funding for Home Education in Alberta so that the base funding amounts are all equal no matter what path you choose to take for your child(ren)'s Education. (Base Funding amounts are always given on the Funding Manual for School Authorities document)

And keeping children safe is keeping them educated at home. There have been countless kidnappings, shootings, drownings, beatings. stabbings, etc. all on school grounds. Not to mention the VERY REAL and CURRENT threat of COVID-19.

Parents, dearest Parents, please Home School your child(ren) it is the best way to educate them. If you need help getting started or don't know where to begin, do not hesitate to reach out to Homeschool support groups on Facebook, like Alberta Homeschooling, etc. and Homeschool Associate Boards like THEE , etc. who are more than willing to help you.

I also encourage you to check out my Pinterest page for more ideas and tips to help you on your homeschooling journey.

All the best to you and your family!

Happy Homeschooling Alberta!

Nadia (Director of HEFA-Home Education Funding Alberta)