COVID-19 re-entry into schools in Alberta

NOTE: Parents ensure to register your child(ren) into Home Education while you still can (the deadline is September 30th 2020) as the re-entry plan is quite extensive and unrealistic.

We all know there the rules for re-entering schools looks better on paper than what it will actually play out to be because there will be children who will not always obey the rules, cleaning will not be as consistent as they say it will be on paper, and social distancing is very hard to maintain with the high amount of children in the same school building. Also, it is very important to note that ALL the children and ALL the staff will be breathing in the SAME air regardless if they are wearing masks or not because of the poor ventilation system within the buildings (no open windows or doors, etc.).

If you would like more information about the re-entry plan for this upcoming year 2020-2021 please visit the link below:

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