Dr. Hinshaw says "Education is more important than COVID-19"

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

PHOTO BY CHRIS SCHWARZ /Government of Alberta

All added comments by Home Education Funding Alberta Director are italicized and highlighted in red.

In a news article written by Stephanie Babych with the Calgary Herald published on Sep 22, 2020 the following was stated:

Another two schools have likely experienced in-school transmission of COVID-19 in Alberta, the province’s top doctor said while updating the growing outbreak list to include 10 Calgary schools and nine other schools across the province.

In addition to Edmonton’s Waverly School announced on Friday, Vimy Ridge School in Edmonton and Springfield Elementary School in Peace River, Alta. were identified as likely having in-school transmission by Dr. Deena Hinshaw, the province’s chief medical officer of health, during Monday’s press conference.

“I’ve stressed that this is not unexpected and not cause for alarm. As we have seen transmission in other settings, we will see some cases where this happens in classrooms,” said Hinshaw.

“What’s critical for schools is that schools don’t become a place where transmission happens and spread happens quite broadly,” she said.

“Our kids are best served by education in person and that has an overall benefit for their health that’s much bigger than just the benefits of maintaining protection from COVID-19" Dr. Hinshaw said.

Note: If you read through the above quote quickly, please re-read it slowly and really focus on what she is saying here.

Remember she is a Health Professional representing all Albertans health and safety and she thinks that kids who are in school for 8 hours a day sitting in desks in a building with poor ventilation is better than being protected from coming in contact with the COVID-19 virus!

Why doesn't she stress HOME EDUCATION THEN? That is the SAFEST way to educate children in person. Typical Politics, pushing an agenda to brainwash the next generations in the classroom aka Public Schools.

There are two schools in the province with outbreaks of five or more cases, including St. Wilfrid Elementary in Calgary and Vimy Ridge School. And the list of Calgary schools with outbreaks of two to four cases now includes Notre Dame High School, Lester B. Pearson High School, Henry Wise Wood High School, Auburn Bay School, Crescent Heights High School, Chris Akkerman School, Saddle Ridge School and Apostles of Jesus.

In Alberta, the number of cases increased by 119 on Friday, 102 on Saturday and 137 on Sunday, for a total of 358 new cases. There are now 1,459 active cases, including 462 in the Calgary zone and 747 in the Edmonton zone.

There were 12,451 tests completed on Friday, 9,748 on Saturday and 12,760 on Sunday, which are lower numbers than last weekend, following Hinshaw’s announcement last week that testing would be focused on symptomatic people and those with known exposure to COVID-19.

There are 51 COVID patients in hospital, including nine in intensive-care units. One additional death was reported over the weekend, of a patient at Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, bringing the total number of deaths in Alberta to 256.

There have been 16,739 confirmed cases in the province from 1,215,672 completed tests on 932,912 people. Of those cases, there have been 15,024 recoveries.

Have you seen how many people have already died and are currently suffering from COVID-19, not to mention the aftermath of Alberta's economy being shut down for over 4 months. People are not only struggling with coping with the virus but also struggling financially with how the virus has affected the economy. BUT Dr. Hinshaw thinks that is no big deal for school-aged children to be exposed to the virus, as long as they are in school "learning". Now remember any child can learn anywhere not just in school. In fact, most children don't even learn in school but rather spend their time in school socializing, which is exactly what helps to spread the COVID-19 virus.

Home Education is the best education. I repeat, Home Education is the BEST education. Not only are children safe at home but they are free at home and the best learning environment is where children can learn freely. Free from any bullying and free from any peer pressure.

How do I know all this because I was public schooled my entire life and I know first hand what goes on it schools, now that was over 10 years ago and from all my research I have come to learn that public school environments have only gotten worse.

If you want your child/children to be educated please do it yourself, at home, and do not ever trust them in the hands of the "village" because I have seen the "village" and it is corrupt and wicked, greedy and selfish, and they do not care if kids come out of their schools sufficiently educated as long as the teachers and administration staff make their six-figure pay checks through high enrollment.

Home Educate your child/children it will be the best decision you have every made for their education!

Happy Homeschooling!

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