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How Does Home Education Profit Alberta's Economy

Updated: Jan 13

  1. Home Educated students are given VERY little amounts of funding.

  2. Home Educated students do not receive any extra funding grants (Refugee, Metis, English as a 2nd language, nutritional, special needs, etc.).

  3. Home Educated students often skip grades and graduate at a younger age, therefore they use much less funding.

  4. Home Educated students begin paying taxes at an earlier age because they have the flexibility to have a full-time job at a young age.

  5. Home Educated students are more active in their local communities because they have time to be.

  6. Parents do not receive any remuneration; no pension, no fringe benefits, no salary, etc. Therefore saving taxpayers BILLIONS!

  7. Home Educated students have a very high level of academic achievements and results.

  8. There is a very low crime and abuse rate among Home Educated students, if any.

  9. They are psychologically more stable, as there are no influences of bullying, peer pressure, sexual assault, etc.

  10. They are socially more advanced because they are often around adults more than peers.

  11. There is no Capital Expenditure costs to Home Education.

  12. There are no transportation costs involved as school is directly performed from the home.

  13. Home Education offers education for families that live in remote areas in Alberta (farmers, oilfield workers, etc.).

  14. Home Education offers education for families that need to travel a lot for work but choose to call Alberta their home.

NOTE: One Homeschool family in Alberta has vouched that they saved Albertan taxpayers over $500,000 by Home Educating their five children.

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