Attention all Albertans and especially Home Educators:

The Alberta Government has recently posted a new survey to their website in regards to the 2021 budget and it is very important that you participate in this survey and voice your opinions by December 4th 2020.

I encourage you to voice the concerns of how Home Education is greatly underfunded in Alberta and needs more funding to be more successful.

This increase in funding for Home Education in Alberta will in turn encourage more parents to choose Home Education for their child(ren) which will in turn save the Alberta Budget millions of dollars.

For example: each funded Public School student costs an average total of $16, 000.00 per year (2020-2021) and each funded Home School student costs an average of $6, 500.00 (with the new proposed higher funding changes).

So hypothetically speaking, lets say 1, 000 students out of a total of over 700, 000 students in Alberta, changed to Home Education instead of Public Education, this small change alone would

save the Education budget $9.5 million dollars!!!

More FUNDING for Home Education


More FREEDOM to Home Educate!

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