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Parents' rights survey reveals Jason Kenney's stance on homeschooling and sex ed

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

David J. Climenhaga December 11, 2016

In a response to a questionnaire by Parents for Choice in Education, which describes itself as a "non-profit advocacy organization that believes in excellence in education through maximum parental choice," Kenney indicated his strong agreement with all the positions taken by the group referenced in its questionnaire.

In response to the group's 11 questions, Kenney's answers indicated the two strongest levels of agreement, 1 or 2 on the five-point scale used by the group.

The questionnaire was sent to all four remaining candidates for the leadership of the PC Party, and the group said Kenney was the only one to respond.

Since, in practice, Parents for Choice is an active and successful lobby for ever-higher government funding of private and charter schools plus home schooling, that suggests at least that each of the other candidates is uncomfortable with the positions taken by the group and didn't want to open themselves to attack by giving honest answers. We should also assume that Kenney's answers reflect his true beliefs.

Among his answers and accompanying commentary, Kenney indicated:

  • He supports allowing different approaches to curriculum in publicly funded schools, as well as different approaches to school clubs. He indicated the strongest level of agreement, 1.

  • Parental approval should be required for any instruction related to sex education, sexuality and gender identity, and parents should be allowed to pull their children out. 2.

  • Parental consent should be mandatory for a child's participation in all extra-curricular activities, including student organizations and clubs. 2.

  • Parental permission should be required for children to attend any event involving an outside facilitator or program. 2.

All materials and resources used by students in instruction or extra curricular activities should be made available to parents. 2.
Taxpayers should provide "equitable” funding for independent, religious, charter and alternative schools, plus all forms of home schooling. 1.
  • Alberta should reintroduce and strengthen standardized testing for Grades 3, 6 and 9 and continue such tests in Grade 12. 1.

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Did you catch all that? Jason Kenney in 2016 agreed that:

1) All supplies and resources for learning or extra curricular activities should be made available to parents." So why the discrimination against Home Education in the current budget which is not providing equal treatment for Homeschoolers in regards to either supplies or resources.

2) With "EQUITABLE" (fair, impartial) funding for ALL education... "plus all forms of home schooling."

Why is Jason Kenney going back on what he agreed upon in this survery from 2016?

There are a number of Home Education families who are suffering from a lack of funding for their children's education, but have neither the time nor courage to stand up for themselves.

Support Equality funding for Home Education in Alberta, contact the Minister of Education (Adriana LaGrange) to increase Home Education funding:

Phone: 780 427-5010

Fax: 780 427-5018

E-mail: education.minister@gov.ab.ca

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