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Parents, take a look!

Updated: Aug 3

A teacher was filmed on camera (from the school surveillance video) of violently kicking and grabbing a little girl in Kindergarten.

Note: Parents make sure if you have to send your children to school to put a little hidden camera on them. You can't even trust the teachers...


Stay home and home school your children to ensure their safety!


A 20-month old boy was sent to daycare and had his finger caught in a self-closing steel door and daycare failed to inform parents. His finger tip was left dangling for hours.

Mor daycare neglect.

This is an example of abuse at a Day Home and how you really don't know what happens behind closed doors without video surveillance. Even the nicest appearing woman could be abusive to your child. That famous saying is true, "Don't judge a book by its cover" you have to look within to find out the true judgement.

Parents, stay at HOME with your child(ren) if you can, it is the safest!!!

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