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Parent Teacher vs. Public Teacher

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Who is the best at educating?

There are many people who are divided on this matter and shouldn't be.

Parents love their children more than any school teacher could, and truly will do what is best for them. No one knows their children's learning abilities/disabilities better than their parents, which means they naturally play the most vital role in educating them. And with the plethora of information and resources available nowadays, educating children at home is easier than ever.

School Teachers teach as a job, and that job comes with full benefits, every summer off with full pay, and they retire with a good pension. Yes, there are good teachers who care about their students, but they can not possibly know them, or care for their education and well-being, as much as a child's own mother and father.

Furthermore, all things being equal, if the same lack of salary for homeschool parents were given to School Teachers, they would likely all look for a new career, because let's face it, they don't care enough about your child's education to do it for free, do they?

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