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The big story in Alberta education? There's no ugly battle over school choice.

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David Staples  •  Edmonton Journal

Publishing date: Jun 26, 2020  •  Last Updated 6 days ago  •  3 minute read

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David Eggen, who generally preferred school choice, including partial funding for private school students, in his four years as the NDP’s education minister, repeated a talking point that many conservatives have made: having options inside and outside the public system keeps the entire system on its toes.

“I’ve always been of the opinion that the existence of those different choices between education — public education boards, the Catholic boards, our francophone boards, our charter schools, our private schools, and our homeschools — help to create a fabric of, I guess, healthy competition and a good way by which to learn and provide the best education for all.”

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Notice the way David Eggen is addressing all the different ways of learning and how he in a way puts even homeschooling under this blanket of education. So, where is our blanket of funding?! Why do Charter Schools, and Private Schools, and Francophone Schools, and Catholic Schools, and Public Schools get so much more base instruction funding and access to than Homeschools?

With the LOW amount of funding that the Alberta government allocates for Home Education, there is almost no choice for Albertans to Home Educate because the majority of the population cannot afford to. Let's change this, especially now with this COVID-19 pandemic, we can Homeschool and stay SAFE!

Let's take a stand and make Home Education a REAL choice for ALL Albertans, no matter their income status, by increasing the funding and equalizing it with the funding in place for Public School students.

Reach out to your MLA and the Alberta Education Minister today!

Contact the Minister of Education (Adriana LaGrange) and ask her to increase Home Education funding:

Phone: 780 427-5010

Fax: 780 427-5018

E-mail: education.minister@gov.ab.ca

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